Archive of Recorded Church Music

"Congratulations on this great work"
 Roy Massey

"Preserving a unique and priceless recorded heritage from choirs of gentlemen and
boys singing in the English Cathedral tradition from 1902 to the present day"
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A moment in time
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Sound recordings freeze moments in time and when played back allow us to understand, to experience, to be immersed in and to relive those precious moments.
Our cultural heritage
These recordings, on every format from 78s to CDs and from Anglican & Roman Catholic choirs, are part of our cultural and musical heritage.  
Where it all began
The recording of choirs, both great and small, has a long and illustrious history, stretching way back to 1902.

For in October of that year St Andrew's, Wells Street, London became the very first choir to issue a gramophone record.

This momentous occasion marked the beginning of a priceless recorded choral heritage unique to this country and which continues to the present day.

Preserved for future generations
The Archive's raison d'etre is to collect and preserve recordings from 1902 to the present day and in the fullness of time will be gifted to an educational institution.

Treasures of the Archive

​Although the Archive holds copies of almost all commerical recordings, some of the greatest treasures are from small independent labels or private 'one-off' recordings which often represent the only sound legacy of that choir.

The Archive also holds a significant collection of private and special pressings, test pressings, transcription discs and unissued recordings.  These, together with the commercial recordings, represent the extraordinary diversity of the Archive.

More than just recordings

The Archive holds a major collection of Radio & TV broadcasts, such as BBC Choral Evensongs, religious services, concerts and documentaries.

These broadcasts are of unparalleled historical importance, giving as they do a unique snapshot of the choir at that moment in time.

An extensive collection of commerical DVDs, together with film, radio and television based dramas, are also held in the Archive

Can you help preserve this unique musical heritage?
​Please do get in touch if you have any recordings of interest, either to donate or loan briefly for digitization.

All formats are welcome: reel-to-reel & cassette tapes; mini-discs; LPs & CDs, together with VHS, Betamax and DVD.

We have the equipment to digitize all recording formats for preservation and archiving.

Private 'one-off' recordings, together with radio and TV broadcasts are of particular interest to the Archive.

.....finding the missing pieces!
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