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Radio & TV broadcasts

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Radio broadcasts
The Archive contains a vast treasure house of broadcasts featuring liturgical services, concerts, festivals and recitals of sacred music.

The earliest broadcast in the Archive is from 29 January 1939 with St Nicolas College, Chislehurst, directed by Sir Sydney Nicholson, singing evensong. 

You can listen to this and many others radio broadcasts on our Youtube music channel to your left.
BBC Choral Evensong

BBC Choral Evensong is the longest running outside broadcast in history, when, on 7 October 1926 the first service came from Westminster Abbey.    

The Archive has over 1500 broadcasts with the earliest being from Blackburn Cathedral in 1948.

You can listen to this and many other BBC Choral Evensong broadcasts on our Youtube music channel to your right.
To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Choral Evensong in 1996, the BBC produced this television broadcast introduced by Joanna Trollope and sung by the choir of York Minster.   Due to time constraints the anthem was not broadcast.

       BBC Choral Evensong
       broadcasts in the Archive                      
       BBC Choral Evensong : 1926 - 2000

      A survey of the broadcast choirs
      compiled by myself.

Broadcasting on radio and television     (click to open slideshow)

  1. King's College, Cambridge, 1964
    King's College, Cambridge, 1964
  2. King's College, Cambridge.  2014
    King's College, Cambridge. 2014
  3. New College, Oxford.  1942
    New College, Oxford. 1942
  4. Hereford Cathedral.  1986
    Hereford Cathedral. 1986
  5. York Minster, 1965
    York Minster, 1965
  6. King's College, Cambridge.  2015
    King's College, Cambridge. 2015
  7. King's College, Cambridge. 2015
    King's College, Cambridge. 2015
  8. King's College, Cambridge.  2015
    King's College, Cambridge. 2015
  9. St Peter's, Wolverhampton.  1968
    St Peter's, Wolverhampton. 1968
  10. Choristers of Addington Palace Chapel, Croydon, 1958
    Choristers of Addington Palace Chapel, Croydon, 1958
  11. Bradford Cathedral, 1975
    Bradford Cathedral, 1975
  12. Choristers of Addington Palace Chapel, Croydon, 1958
    Choristers of Addington Palace Chapel, Croydon, 1958
  13. Peterborough Cathedral, 1984
    Peterborough Cathedral, 1984
  14. St Woolo's Cathedral, 2005
    St Woolo's Cathedral, 2005
  15. Chapel Royal, London.  1953
    Chapel Royal, London. 1953
  16. Exeter Cathedral, 1980
    Exeter Cathedral, 1980
  17. King's College, Cambridge. 2015
    King's College, Cambridge. 2015
  18. Coventry Cathedral. 1990
    Coventry Cathedral. 1990
  19. Westminster Cathedral.  1931
    Westminster Cathedral. 1931
  20. St John's College, Cambridge.  2016
    St John's College, Cambridge. 2016
  21. Hereford Cathedral.  2016
    Hereford Cathedral. 2016
Radio & Television Documentaries
It would be difficult to overstate the importance of the hundreds of documentary which have been broadcast over the years.

They feature individual choirs, choristers, Directors of Music, choir schools, composers and many other topics relating to church music.

The Archive has an extensive and constantly growing collection of radio & TV documentaries.

Exclusive to the website
Two documentaries not available on our Youtube Channel
New College Choir, Oxford​
BBC TV : 1 January 1995

To mark Purcell's Tercentary, Nicholas Kenyon investigates the achievements of one of our greatest composers.  Featuring Michael Chance, David Thomas, Mark Padmore, Sir Michael Tippett & Professor Curtis Price.

BBC Radio : 29 June 1997

Introduced by Brian Wright, who talks with Harry Bramma on his role as Director of the Royal School of Church Music and also about Parish Church choirs; the broadcast features St Barnabas, Dulwich and Chingford Parish Church

TV broadcasts
The Archive has an extensive collection of choir related TV broadcasts featuring liturgical services, concerts, festivals and documentaries on all aspects of church music and choirs.
The 1950s
The first recordings

The first broadcast quality video recorders were introduced in 1956, although very little has survived from those early days.

However, the Archive does have one exceptionally rare TV documentary from the Temple Church in 1958.
The first ever broadcast of the 1954 Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King's was produced on film stock and not on video tape.
'Sunday Special'  George Thalben Ball rehearsing the Temple Church choir.
29 June 1958

The 1960s
Professional recordings by the TV studios
​​'Songs of Praise'
from Guildford Cathedral,

directed by Barry Rose
23 February 1967
​​High Mass sung by the Chapel Choir
of Ushaw College Chapel, Durham

The 1970s
Home video recorders
A new era dawned in the preservation of TV broadcasts when home video recorders reached the mass market in the mid 1970s.

People could now record whatever they wished in their own homes.

Choristers of St Paul's Cathedral
Sullivan's 'When a merry maiden'  
Paul Phoenix, solo treble.
​​'A Worcestershire Carol'
St Michael's College, Tenbury

The 1980s to the present day
The floodgates open
The majority of the Archive's extensive collection of TV broadcasts date from the 1980s up to the present day. 
1997 : St John's College, Cambridge
directed by Christopher Robinson
Mendelssohn,  'Richte mich, Gott'
2009 :  Truro Cathedral Choir, directed by Christopher Gray 'Soul of my saviour'
2016 :  King's College
directed by Stephen Cleobury
'Easter from King's  (hd)​