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Choirs in the

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Abbey, Minster & Priory


Recordings from every UK cathedral

Many of these choir are defunt

Oxford & Cambridge chapel choirs


School Chapel


These choirs tend to be a forgotton part of the English Cathedral tradition and the Archive has recordings from Prep & Independent schools.

Recordings from school choirs whose repertoire is predominantly sacred. Many of these choirs robe-up to undertake singing tours of cathedrals.

At the turn of the 20th century, there was a staggering 10,000 church choirs of men and boys; today about 40 remain and most church choirs in the Archive have ceased to exist.

Royal Peculiar



These Royal Peculiar choirs are under the direct authority of the Crown and not church.  St Margaret's Westminster and the Abbey; Chapels Royal St James & Hampton Court Palaces; Savoy Chapel, Temple Church & St George's Chapel Windsor 

Recordings from choir schools, such as Tenbury, London Choir School, St Mary-of-the-Angels; freelance robed choirs; independent boys' choirs singing sacred music and festival choirs.

Recordings issued by the School of English Church Music, St Nicolas College Chislehurst and the Royal School of Church Music, together with Festival, Choir and Cathedral course recordings.


Boy Soprano solos

Chorister solos

The Archive contains a representative selection of recordings from Foreign choirs, particularly those in the USA and Canada.

Apart from a few exceptions, Boy Sopranos recorded on 78rpm records, with or without their choir, and the Archive houses both commercial and private pressings of the genre.

Over the decades, many hundreds of choristers have recorded solo albums to showcase the voice, with or without their choir.  The Archive has a vast collection of these recordings, both commerical and private pressings.