Video presentations

A Century of Recorded Church Music

​​Join me in a journey through a century of recorded church music with this newly revised video presentation, written and narrated by myself.

Still using my original narration, the presentation has been completely re-designed with additional photographs and musical examples and rendered in High Definition for pin sharp clarity.

Designed for 'Full Screen' to gain the optimum viewing experience.

"A masterpiece ..... a triumph ....totally engrossing ....a tour de force ....the most enjoyable hour I have spend in a very long time ....I could barely tear myself away"   Comments by various viewers..

London Choir School & Savoy Chapel Choir

Written and produced by myself, the presentation tells the history of this once-famous choir school, with two extracts of the choristers singing.

The London Choir School at one time also supplied all the choristers for the Savoy Chapel Choir.

Slideshow of LP sleeve artwork

​​The artwork and photography on many LP sleeves remains unsurpassed and the Archive is delighted to present this musical slide-show of some of the finest.

Click either sleeve to start the slide-show with music from a 1966 private recording from the choristers of All Saints Margaret Street, London

The Psalms of David

A selection by St John's College Cambridge
directed by George Guest

From the 1978 Argo LP 'Psalms of Consolation & Hope' together with record sleeves from various choirs

The Archive's annual musical Christmas Card


The Archive's annual video Advent Calendar

Click on photo to open