Douglas Guest

 Douglas Guest & Bernard Rose

  • Both born 9 May 1916 
  • Both died third week in November 1996
  • Both retired 1981
  • Both became great friends

BBC radio broadcast, April 1981

Bernard Rose and Douglas Guest in conversation on their impending retirement.
Bernard Rose, left. Douglas Guest, right
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Salisbury Cathedral  :  1950 - 1957

On the 22 May 1957, HMV recorded the Agnus Dei, Sanctus and Benedictus from Edmund Rubbra's 'Missa Cantuariensis'  The recording was supervised by Rubbra himself.

These were part of 'The History of Music in Sound' but to gain a wider audience HMV also issued the Sanctus and Agnus Dei on a 78rpm record but not the Benedictus as it would not fit.  Also, this happened to be the last 78 issued by a choir.

The historic photo of Rubbra with the choir standing in front of the HMV mobile recording van was taken on the day of the recording by one of the choristers on his box-brownie!
The 78rpm recording of Edmund Rubbra, directed by Douglas Guest
Edmund Rubbra with the Salisbury
Choristers standing in front of the HMV mobile recording van, 1957
Douglas Guest's final BBC Choral Evensong before he left Salisbury.
26 June 1957

Worcester Cathedral  :  1957 - 1963

This recording of the Benedictus is from a BBC transcription record of Choral Matins which was never broadcast, recorded shortly after the arrival of Douglas Guest at Worcester.

This record is the only known recording of Douglas Guest at Worcester.


Westminster Abbey  :  1963 - 1981

The famous LP series 'The Treasury of English Church Music'  :  1966
Douglas Guest's hauntingly beautiful 'For the Fallen' sung by Westminster Abbey  Choir under James O'Donnell