In-house Video Productions

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Tewkesbury Abbey Schola at St Leonard's Church, Newland : the home of the Archive

From time to time, the Archive produces videos of services, concerts & events we have hosted or commissioned in St Leonard's Church, the private chapel of the Beauchamp Community which is the home of the Archive

Concert by Uppsala Cathedral Boys' Choir

Photo slide-show of the vist to St Leonard's by Uppsala Cathedral Boys' Choir : 2018

Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum
​Choral Evensong & Benediction : 2014

Hereford Cathedral Choir : Choral Evensong

St Peter's Church, Wolverhampton
​Tridentine Latin Mass (extract)  :  2013

Anniversary lectures
These outstanding talks were commission by the Archive of Recorded Church Music and given as part of our 15th Anniversary celebrations in 2018

Dr Barry Rose  OBE : 'Sounds Amazing'

Barry Rose unearths some unique recordings from his extensive personal sound archive and talks about his life as a cathedral musician and the BBC's producer of Choral Evensong.

Timothy Day : 'The timeless sound of the cathedral choir: why is it always changing?'
Timothy Day, whose latest book 'I saw Eternity the other night: King’s College, Cambridge and an English singing tradition'  was for many years a music curator in the sound archive of the British Library

Dr Roy Massey  MBE : 'Three Hereford Organists

Roy Massey speaks about two of his distinguished predecessors, concluding with some reminiscences of his own twenty-seven years in Hereford

Audio-Visual presentations
The Archive produces occasional presentations related to recordings, choirs and
church music in general

​​Join me in a journey through a century of recorded church music with the latest revised video presentation, written and narrated by myself.  

Using my original narration, the presentation has been completely re-designed with additional photographs and musical examples, many of which now play in their entirety, rather than short extracts. 

This new video is presented in Wide Screen HD for pin sharp clarity and designed to be watched in 'Full Screen' for optimum viewing.

"A masterpiece ..... a triumph ....totally engrossing ....a tour de force ....the most enjoyable hour I have spend in a very long time ....I could barely tear myself away" Comments by viewers

A Century of Recorded Church Music
London Choir School and Savoy Chapel


Written and produced by myself, the presentation tells the history of this once​ famous choir school, with two extracts of the choristers singing.

The London Choir School at one time also supplied all the choristers for the Savoy Chapel Choir.

Burial of the Unknows Soldier, Westminster Abbey
​​On the 11 November 1920 the Burial of the Unknown Soldier took place in Westminster Abbey.    This montage of silent newsreels and archive photo, edited by ourselves, shows the occasion.

It was also the occasion of the first ever electrical recording of a gramophone record and you can read the full story on this page of the