Story of the labels : O-S

The record labels, commerical and private, who issued church music recordings
and in so doing, preserved this precious heritage
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Sounds News Productions
78rpm & LP records

For such a prolific recording company with particular interest to the Archive, little can be discovered of their origins and history.

 We have a few 78rpm Sound News records dating from 1949-1959 but they reached their zenith in the LP era with almost a hundred records in the Archive dating from 1955-1985.

Cathedrals, churches, school chapels and RSCM courses, their LPs represent a wide range of choirs from this period and are of significant historical importance.

It appears they did not record 'live' but specialised in producing LPs from a choirs own reel-to-reel tape and also the recording Transcription LPs direct from live radio broadcasts at the request of a choir.   Occasionally an LP was made for  commercial  sale in the local area but mostly for internal use by the choir as 'souvenir' records.

The LP sleeves ranged from plain white to full picture covers and the sound quality of the finished LP depended very much on the quality of the choirs original tape,

Sound News Productions have left us an undisputed legacy of recorded church music which includes their Transcription LPs of radio broadcasts, saved for posterity.