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How to search our YouTube Music Channel

With over 650 uploads and more being added weekly, this guide to searching for a choir or music may prove useful.

  • Open the YouTube channel by clicking on the logo above.
  • Click on the magnifying glass next to the 'About' tab
  • Enter your search word(s) into the box.
​​Either enter a one-word search or if entering a multiple word search do so between double inverted commas which gives more accurate results.  For example:
"Westminster Abbey"   :   "Westminster Cathedral"   :  "Bernard Rose"   :   "Barry Rose"    :   "O for the wings of a dove "
Using the tabs on our YouTube Music Channel
To further enhance your viewing experince, we suggest you use two of the main tabs,  'Videos' and 'Playlists'   

Playlist tab
The 'Playlists' tab will help you get the most from our Channel.

​Browse the many audio and video playlists we have created by grouping together similar music or types of choirs.

Video tab
This tab lets you browse all the videos on the channel and is arranged by chronological upload.  

About our Channel

Our YouTube Music Channel brings the Archive alive by sharing rare or historic choir recordings, both audio & video ...... precious moments for you to relive.
Seach the channel by choir or composer or choose a playlist of your favorite type of choral music.  Recordings are uploaded each week.
We are delighted to collaborate with 'Archives of Sound' whose raison d'etre is the sharing of Barry Rose's choral legacy from Guildford Cathedral

Become a Subcriber

Subscribing to our YouTube Channel keeps you informed of the latest uploads and to comment on the music and choirs.
In order to subscribe, sign up for your own channel; its free and there is no requirement to  ever upload anything.
Of course, you don't need a YouTube subscription to listen to every choir upload ...... just visit the channel!

The growth of the YouTube Music Channel

The Archive's Music Channel opened its doors on the 8 March 2016 and since then has grown steadily in popularity.  This report, with stats and graphs, highlights the ongoing success story of sharing rare and interesting recordings with others.    Click to read.