Day 14  :  Clumber Park Choir School

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The famous choir school at the private chapel of Clumber Park, the ancestoral home of the Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The house itself burnt down but the chapel, which is the size of a small cathedral, still survives.  You can read more about this choir school by clicking here.


As a Christmas present, the Duke gave all
the choristers a camera and this is a photo
taken by one of the boys in 1920

Each Christmas, the choristers put on a concert in the
'big house' for the Duke, his family and the estate
workers.  These are all Clumber choristers! from their
1920 concert and the photographs was taken by the
​Duke himself.

Although there are no recordings of the choir,
in 1929 the Head Choristers, Bobby Lemaire
recorded on the Broadcast label.

To hear his recording and to read more about 
Bobby, click on his photo.

The magnificent chapel at Clumber Park