Bernard Rose

Bernard Rose & Douglas Guest

  • Both born 9 May 1916 
  • Both died third week in November 1996
  • Both retired 1981
  • Both became great friends

BBC radio broadcast, April 1981

Bernard Rose and Douglas Guest in conversation on their impending retirement.

Bernard Rose
Informator Choristarum, Magdalen College, Oxford  : 1957 - 1981

Bernard Rose with Exeter Cathedral Choristers     (click photo to enlarge)

Captain Bernard Rose with his tank crew,
c1944           (click photo to enlarge)

Bernard Rose, left. Douglas Guest, right
1937       (click photo to enlarge)

Compositions by
Bernard Rose
'Celebrating Bernard Rose'
RCO blog
Salisbury Cathedral Choir
directed by Sir Walter Alcock
HMV 78rpm record : 1928

The choir was so renowned for its singing that HMV especially asked to record them, and of course, the young Bernard is singing on this record.

"There were two outstanding solo boys in the cathedral during those years, Clive Jenkinson and Bernard Rose, the former had a round, full voice and sang with great artistry, while the latter had a beautiful purity of tone, singing with fire and attack remarkable in a boy."  
Sarum Close by Dora Bryan
14 year old Salisbury cathedral chorister in 1930.  The  following year he became the assistant cathedral organist.
This highly original LP sleeve was designed by Gerald Scarfe, a great friend of Bernard Rose.

When  Scarfe was asked by Rose if he could design a record cover, he said he would  'give it a go!'     The final result delighted both of them.

BBC radio broadcasts featuring Bernard Rose

BBC radio broadcast, Janary 1970

Magdalen College, Oxford : Bernard Rose
St John's College, Cambridge : George Guest
BBC radio broadcast, February 1963

Introducted and written by Bernard Rose,
with the choir of Magdalen College, Oxford
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May Morning on the Tower

Radio broadcast from the Tower, 1978
May Day 1931 : When this was filmed, Bernard Rose was still a chorister at Salisbury Cathedral
'May Morning on Magdalen Tower'
by Holman Hunt

Who's Who in the painting

Private recordings made in the chapel

Stanford held his Service in C in the highest esteem, expressing the view that it was his finest. His views on the speed of the Magnificat were also quite definite.

Bernard Rose remembers Sir Walter Alcock, a friend of the composer, telling him of Stanford's puzzlement at the speed at which most organists took the Magnificat.  

In Alcock and Rose's view, this is how Stanford wished the Magnificat to be sung.  

Stanford in C
Choral Evensong - Music by Rose
Stainer, I saw the Lord
Stainer in Bb