The written word

​​  "This is a really wonderful facility.  I congratulate you"
    Peter Phillips

​​   "Many, many congratulations.  You have done the world of
    cathedral music a huge service"
    Jane Capon, Choir Schools Association

​​Carlisle Cathedral  Chorister School,  1904​​

The written word and photographic image

An integral part of the Archive and a repository of all and everything to do with recordings, choirs and church music, dating from 1840 to the present day.
The Library Collection comprises of books and all matters related to the written word, together with a photographic collection of major historical importance.
Research is also underway on BBC Choral Evensong broadcasts, Tractarian Choir Schools & London Church Choirs before WW2.

Opening up the Library Collection

The mammoth task of digitizing over 2000 paper documents, many 100s of magazines, newpaper cuttings and manuscripts, in fact, anything to do with the written word was completed in February 2019.

We are delighted to share these fascinating historical acquisions from the Library Collection on a weekly basis and I do hope you enjoy the new virtual bookcases.  

The Archive's Virtual Bookcases
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